Supplemental Educational Services (SES)


August 22, 2014



Dear Parent/Guardian,


As a result of the federal No Child left Behind Act, your child can receive academic tutoring to help him or her do better in school if your child is eligible to receive free or reduced lunch.  You may choose a free tutoring program that best meets your child’s needs from the list of providers attached.  Each of these providers and their programs have been approved by the Vermont Agency of Education.  They will deliver tutoring that is coordinated with what is being taught in school and may help improve your child’s academic skills.  


Parents must contact the RCSU office and request SES no later than September 26, 2014 in order to be eligible for services.


A list of providers on the Vermont Agency of Education approved list who would serve our students are included with this letter.  You can also obtain this list through a link on our school’s website or by visiting the Vermont Agency of Education website at:  


The attached list also gives you a description of each program, the qualifications of the tutors and information about each program’s effectiveness.  Additionally, this list indicates the programs that serve students with disabilities or limited English proficiency.  Please note that while the tutoring is provided at no cost to eligible students, transportation costs to and from the provider are not part of this program.  There is a limit on the amount of funding available to spend on each individual student.


Persons eligible and interested in accessing Supplemental Educational Services (SES) must notify RCSU by September 26, 2014. Please contact Noel Bryant, Curriculum Coordinator, at 775-4342, ext. 104.


Thank you,


Joseph V. Fleming


Joseph V. Fleming



Enclosures:         Approved Provider List

                                Free and Reduced Lunch Application

                                School Improvement Letter

Please click the link below for an approved list of SES providers